OffcanvasSettings #

Settings for the HxOffcanvas component.


Other properties #

Name Type Description
Backdrop OffcanvasBackdrop? Indicates whether to apply a backdrop on body while offcanvas is open.
BodyCssClass string Additional body CSS class.
CloseButtonIcon IconBase Close icon to be used in header. If set to null, Bootstrap default close-button will be used.
CloseOnEscape bool? Indicates whether the offcanvas closes when escape key is pressed.
CssClass string Offcanvas additional CSS class. Added to root div (.offcanvas).
FooterCssClass string Additional footer CSS class.
HeaderCssClass string Additional header CSS class.
Placement OffcanvasPlacement? Placement of the offcanvas.
ResponsiveBreakpoint OffcanvasResponsiveBreakpoint? Breakpoint below which the contents are rendered outside the viewport in an offcanvas (above this breakpoint, the offcanvas body is rendered inside the viewport).
ScrollingEnabled bool? Indicates whether body (page) scrolling is allowed while offcanvas is open.
ShowCloseButton bool? Indicates whether the modal shows close button in header. Use CloseButtonIcon to change shape of the button.
Size OffcanvasSize?
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