HxMessageBox #

Component for displaying message boxes.
Usually used via HxMessageBoxService and HxMessageBoxHost.

Basic usage #

Inject the IHxMessageBoxService into your code and use one of its methods to raise the message box:

  • Task<MessageBoxButtons> ShowAsync(MessageBoxRequest request) - original method
  • Task<MessageBoxButtons> ShowAsync(string title, string text, MessageBoxButtons buttons = MessageBoxButtons.Ok, MessageBoxButtons? primaryButton = null, string customButtonText = null) - extension method
  • Task<bool> ConfirmAsync(string title, string text) - extension method
  • ...or you can add your own extension method

ShowAsync result: None
Confirm result:

@* <HxMessageBoxHost /> is in MainLayout.razor *@

	<HxButton Text="MessageBox.ShowAsync()..." OnClick="OpenMessageBox" Color="ThemeColor.Primary" />
	<HxButton Text="MessageBox.Confirm()..." OnClick="OpenConfirm" Color="ThemeColor.Primary" />

	ShowAsync result: @showResult.ToString("g")<br />
	Confirm result: @confirmResult

	[Inject] protected IHxMessageBoxService MessageBox { get; set; }

	private MessageBoxButtons showResult;
	private bool? confirmResult;

	private async Task OpenMessageBox()
		showResult = await MessageBox.ShowAsync("Info", "This is the text", MessageBoxButtons.OkCancel);

	private async Task OpenConfirm()
		confirmResult = await MessageBox.ConfirmAsync("Confirm", "Do you really want to ...?");

Required setup #

You should place the HxMessageBoxHost component in MainLayout.razor (or App.razor) to make it work!

@inherits LayoutComponentBase

<HxMessageBoxHost />


Register the required services using services.AddHxMessageBoxHost() from Startup.cs (Blazor Server) or Program.cs (Blazor WebAssembly).

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
	// ...
	// ...

No heading #

If you clear the Title, HeaderTemplate, and set ShowCloseButton="false", the header won't show up.


Parameters #

Name Type Description
AdditionalAttributes Dictionary<string, object> Additional attributes to be splatted onto an underlying HxModal.
BodyTemplate RenderFragment Body (content) template.
Buttons MessageBoxButtons Buttons to show. The default is MessageBoxButtons.Ok.
CustomButtonText string Text for MessageBoxButtons.Custom.
HeaderTemplate RenderFragment Header template (Header).
ModalSettings ModalSettings Settings for the underlying HxModal component.
PrimaryButton MessageBoxButtons? Primary button (if you want to override the default).
PrimaryButtonSettings ButtonSettings Settings for the dialog primary button.
SecondaryButtonSettings ButtonSettings Settings for dialog secondary button(s).
ShowCloseButton bool? Indicates whether to show the close button. The default is taken from the underlying HxModal (true).
Text string Content (body) text.
Title string Title text (Header).

Event callbacks #

Name Type Description
OnClosed EventCallback<MessageBoxButtons> Raised when the message box gets closed. Returns the button clicked.

Methods #

Method Returns Description
ShowAsync() Task Displays the message box.

Static properties #

Property Type Description
Defaults MessageBoxSettings Application-wide defaults for HxButton and derived components.

HxMessageBoxHost #

Displays message boxes initiated through IHxMessageBoxService. To be placed in the root application component / main layout.


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