HxSmartPasteButton #

Smart Paste is an intelligent AI-powered app feature that fills out forms automatically using data from the user's clipboard. You can use this with any existing form in your web app.
HxSmartPasteButton derives from SmartPasteButton, a component created by the Microsoft Blazor team. It extends the original component with Bootstrap styling and Hx-component features.

Basic usage #

<EditForm Model="employee">
	<HxInputText Label="Name" @bind-Value="employee.Name" />
	<HxInputText Label="Position" @bind-Value="employee.Position" />

	<HxSmartPasteButton Text="Smart paste" Color="ThemeColor.Secondary" Icon="BootstrapIcon.ClipboardPlus" />

@code {
	private EmployeeDto employee = new EmployeeDto();

Sample content #


Parameters #

Name Type Description
AdditionalAttributes IReadOnlyDictionary<string, object> A collection of additional attributes that will be applied to the created element.
ChildContent RenderFragment Content of the component.
Color ThemeColor? Bootstrap button style - theme color.
The default is taken from Defaults (ThemeColor.None if not customized).
CssClass string
Icon IconBase Icon to render into the button.
IconCssClass string CSS class to be rendered with the button icon.
IconPlacement ButtonIconPlacement? Position of the icon within the button. The default is ButtonIconPlacement.Start (configurable through Defaults).
Outline bool? Bootstrap "outline" button style.
Settings ButtonSettings Set of settings to be applied to the component instance (overrides Defaults, overridden by individual parameters).
Size ButtonSize? Button size. The default is ButtonSize.Regular.
Spinner bool? Enables or disables the spinner.
Leave null if you want automated spinner. You can set an explicit false constant to disable (override) the spinner automation.
Text string Text of the button.

Other properties #

Name Type Description
DefaultIcon bool

Static properties #

Property Type Description
Defaults ButtonSettings Application-wide defaults for HxSmartPasteButton. Please note, the defaults are not shared with HxButton.
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