HxNav #

Bootstrap Nav component.

Base Nav #

Vertical #

Tabs #

The raw implementation requires you to set the active class manually (the Match behavior on Href might help).

See HxTabPanel for a more sophisticated implementation.

Underline #

Use Variant="NavVariant.Underline" for an underlined style:

Pills #


Parameters #

Name Type Description
ChildContent RenderFragment Content of the nav.
CssClass string Additional CSS class.
Id string ID of the nav which can be used for HxScrollspy.TargetId.
Orientation NavOrientation Orientation of the nav. The default value is NavOrientation.Horizontal.
Variant NavVariant The visual variant of the nav items. The default value is NavVariant.Standard.

HxNavLink #

Bootstrap nav-link component.

Name Type Description
AdditionalAttributes Dictionary<string, object> Additional attributes to be splatted onto an underlying NavLink component.
ChildContent RenderFragment Content.
CssClass string Additional CSS class.
Enabled bool? When null (default), the Enabled value is received from cascading FormState. When value is false, input is rendered as disabled. To set multiple controls as disabled use HxFormState.
Href string Navigation target.
Match NavLinkMatch? URL matching behavior for the underlying NavLink. Default is NavLinkMatch.Prefix. You can set the value to null to disable the matching.
Text string Text of the item.
Name Type Description
OnClick EventCallback<MouseEventArgs> Raised when the item is clicked.
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