HxPopover #

Bootstrap Popover component.
Rendered as a span wrapper to fully support popovers on disabled elements (see example in Disabled elements in the Bootstrap popover documentation).

Basic usage #

<HxPopover Title="Popover title" Content="And here's some amazing content. It's very engaging. Right?">
	<HxButton Color="ThemeColor.Primary">Click to toggle popover</HxButton>

Placement #

You can change the placement of the popover with the Placement parameter:

HTML content #

Use Html="true" to enable HTML in your content.

HTML sanitization #

By default, the HTML content gets sanitized. To disable sanitization, set Sanitize="false".

Dismiss on next click #

Use the Trigger="PopoverTrigger.Focus" to dismiss popovers on the user’s next click of a different element than the toggle element.

Programmability #

You can use the ShowAsync() and HideAsync() methods, as well as the OnShown and OnHidden events, to program your own interaction.

You can also use the DisableAsync() and EnableAsync() methods to control the popover behavior.


Parameters #

Name Type Description
Animation bool? Apply a CSS fade transition to the tooltip (enable/disable).
Default is true.
ChildContent RenderFragment Child content to wrap.
Container string Appends the tooltip/popover to a specific element. Default is body.
Content string Popover content.
CssClass string Custom CSS class to add.
Html bool Allows you to insert HTML. If false, innerText property will be used to insert content into the DOM. Use text if you're worried about XSS attacks.
Offset ValueTuple<int, int>? Offset of the component relative to its target (ChildContent).
Placement PopoverPlacement Popover placement. The default is PopoverPlacement.Right.
Sanitize bool Enable or disable the sanitization. If activated HTML content will be sanitized. See the sanitizer section in Bootstrap JavaScript documentation. Default is true.
Settings PopoverSettings Set of settings to be applied to the component instance (overrides Defaults, overridden by individual parameters).
Title string Popover title.
Trigger PopoverTrigger Popover trigger(s). The default is PopoverTrigger.Click.
WrapperCssClass string Custom CSS class to render with the span wrapper of the child-content.

Other properties #

Name Type Description
JSRuntime IJSRuntime

Event callbacks #

Name Type Description
OnHidden EventCallback Fired when the content has finished being hidden from the user and CSS transitions have completed.
OnShown EventCallback Fired when the content has been made visible to the user and CSS transitions have completed.

Methods #

Method Returns Description
DisableAsync() Task Removes the ability for the component to be shown.
It will only be able to be shown if it is re-enabled.
EnableAsync() Task Gives the component the ability to be shown.
The component is enabled by default (i.e. this method is not necessary to be called if the component has not been disabled).
HideAsync() Task Hides the component.
ShowAsync() Task Shows the component.

Static properties #

Property Type Description
Defaults PopoverSettings Application-wide defaults for the HxPopover and derived components.
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