<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="1" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="2" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="3" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="5" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="6" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="10" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="11" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="15" />
<HxPager CurrentPageIndex="0" TotalPages="100" />



Name Type Description
TotalPages int Total pages of data items.
CurrentPageIndex int Current page index. Zero based. Displayed numbers start with 1 which is page index 0.
DisplayNumberCount int Count of numbers to display. Default value is 10.

Event Callbacks

Name Type Description
CurrentPageIndexChanged EventCallback<int> Event raised where page index is changed.
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