HxProgressIndicator #

Displays the content of the component as "in progress".

Usage #

Some content...

Some content...

Some content...

inProgress: False


Parameters #

Name Type Description
ChildContent RenderFragment Wrapped content.
CssClass string Additional CSS class to be applied.
Delay int? Debounce delay in milliseconds. The default is 300 ms.
InProgress bool Indicates whether the content should be displayed as "in progress".
Settings ProgressIndicatorSettings Set of settings to be applied to the component instance (overrides Defaults, overridden by individual parameters).

Static properties #

Property Type Description
Defaults ProgressIndicatorSettings Application-wide defaults for the HxProgressIndicator.

CSS variables #

Name Description Default
--hx-progress-indicator-background Background of the progress indicator. var(--bs-body-bg)
--hx-progress-indicator-box-shadow Box shadow of the progress indicator. var(--bs-box-shadow)
--hx-progress-indicator-border-color Border color of the progress indicator. var(--bs-border-color)
--hx-progress-indicator-spinner-color Color of the spinner. var(--bs-primary)
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