ModalSettings #

Settings for the HxModal component


Other properties #

Name Type Description
Animated bool? For modals that simply appear rather than fade in to view, setting false removes the .fade class from your modal markup. The default value is true.
Backdrop ModalBackdrop? Indicates whether to apply a backdrop to the body while the modal is open. If set to ModalBackdrop.Static, the modal cannot be closed by clicking on the backdrop. The default value (from HxModal.Defaults) is ModalBackdrop.True.
BodyCssClass string Additional body CSS class (div.modal-body).
Centered bool? Allows vertical centering of the modal.
CloseButtonIcon IconBase The close icon to be used in the header.
CloseOnEscape bool? Indicates whether the modal closes when the escape key is pressed.
ContentCssClass string Additional content CSS class (div.modal-content).
CssClass string Additional CSS class for the main element (div.modal).
DialogCssClass string Additional CSS class for the dialog (div.modal-dialog element).
FooterCssClass string Additional footer CSS class (div.modal-footer).
Fullscreen ModalFullscreen? The fullscreen behavior of the modal.
HeaderCssClass string Additional header CSS class (div.modal-header).
Scrollable bool? Allows scrolling of the modal body.
ShowCloseButton bool? Indicates whether the modal shows a close button in the header.
Size ModalSize? The size of the modal.
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