AnchorFragmentNavigationAutomationMode #

Automation mode for HxAnchorFragmentNavigation.


Enum values #

Name Value Description
Full 0 Scrolls to anchor on firstRender and whenever location changes (LocationChanged). With HxScrollspy this mode is suitable only for static pages (where the size/offset of individual sections remains the same from the very beginning). Use AnchorFragmentNavigationAutomationMode.SamePage or AnchorFragmentNavigationAutomationMode.Manual for when the page contents load asynchronously and the layout changes.
Manual 1 Explicit calls to HxAnchorFragmentNavigation.ScrollToCurrentUriFragmentAsync or needed. Use this mode with HxAnchorFragmentNavigation.ScrollToAnchorAsync when you need scrollspy to call HxScrollspy to recalculate the target offsets before scrolling (scrollspy does not work properly on scrolled content).
SamePage 2 Same as AnchorFragmentNavigationAutomationMode.Manual but scrolls to anchor on LocationChanged if the page remains the same (just the #fragment portion changed). Works for most scenarios when you refresh the HxScrollspy after data load and then you just need to navigate over the page.
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